Saturday, July 12, 2008

Everything's coming up ....

...triangles!!!!! And lots of them!!!!! Originally, I was going to use this fabric to make Magic Ballz a la Jan Mullen but I found out that a wallking foot would be needed. (Jan herself even answered my email when I asked what to use for a foundation!!! Her answer... she uses Warm and Natural batting).
And since Bernie (my Bernina) has a great walking foot but is still in the shop for a check up, I changed plans and started making half-square triangles for a zig zag quilt.

Thanks to Jacquie for alerting me to the pattern at Purlbee!
Fifi (my featherweight) has been humming along all week!

Thank you to all who complimented me on my New York Beauty blocks!
For those of you who asked, I used Karen K. Stone's book. It is a wonderful book...
filled with colorful photos ....
This is the pattern that I used for my blocks...

and I copied this pattern onto freezer paper sheets and freezer paper paper pieced...

I love this pattern! It makes me delerious!!!
and this one too!

Sewing curves can be tricky but I saw a segment on Fons and Porter (program 309) and also took a one afternoon class. I can do a little tutorial on it some time, if there is a demand... let me know!

Not much time for triangles today. Sloppy Sister, Messy Marvin and I are off to a bowling party sponsored by JDRF with other family teams in preparation for our September Walk to Cure Diabetes. As many of you know, Sloppy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Thanksgiving Day, 2005. Life is full and nothing stops her, not even this chronic disease! One day, I hope that she will no longer have to endure frequent finger pricks, needles, counting carbohydrates, entering data into her insulin pump, but until then, we will keep on working toward that day!!!!

And after that.... my blogless friend, Deb, and I are off to the The Original Creative Festival to do some shopping!!!! I will fill you in on the damage later LOL!
Have a good weekend!