Thursday, June 19, 2008

All tied up

I have been all tied up with visitors, landlord business, cleaning, baking, etc. but things seems to be on the down swing with calmness around the horizon... aaahhh!!!!

Life seems to be about aprons these days!!!!

In the mail the other day, I received my giveaway package from the lovely Hope. You know how I looove black and white and polka dots!!!!

What is not to love about this apron!???!!!! It is so cute!!! Thanks Hope!!!

As well, she tucked this little cutie into the package...
She is sitting on the ledge of the chair rail in my sewing room. I have been wanting to put some wee little things on the ledge which was made with a lip for setting little knick knacks and such on. This is the first!!!! I have to learn how to make these!!!! I think I saw a tutorial somewhere... anyone???

And, I have been all tied up with apron strings...


So many things once can do with 8 apron strings....
but they will grace the sides of 4 aprons soon. I have to go onto the business of placing bias tape all around the apron edges.....ho hum..... Not the most fun part of creating the aprons but the end product looks great.

I have been using my serger as much as I can to sew the seams.
They whip up so quickly and are so neat!!!
It is becoming less and less intimidating!

I needed some more aqua/robin's egg blue after sacrificing some to the last doll quilt swap, so I stopped at a LQS the other day. I am also bonkers about Katie Jump Rope, as you might have guessed (it is the fabric in the aprons and also the dots below.

And, this scene caught my eye as I exited from the elementary school parking lot this morning ...
low clouds hovering around our nearby mountains. Pretty cool!!! (and yes, it has been pretty cool especially after the sweltering heat of last week... hope it warms up again soon as it is the first day of summer today!!!)