Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Full Day!

I don't seem to sleep in much, so I was up by 5:30 AM, drinking tea and playing around in my sewing room.

By 7:30, I was at the gym for a run. 8:00ish the cell phone rings and it is 'Home calling'. So I pick up while I keep up my pace. It is my son, "Where are you?" to which I reply, "I am at the gym, Dad is taking XXXX (our oldest) to work. Bye." I had been running for about 27 minutes and wasn't interested in any long conversation. I managed another 28 minutes.

I came home to find these beautiful fragrant lilacs from our backyard gracing our kitchen table.

"Happy Mother's Day!", my son exclaims.

I asked my son if he had gone back to cut some. "No, I opened up my bedroom window and picked some." LOL. Don't want to exert yourself!!!

Yesterday, when I woke up, my youngest asked me if I wanted my Mother's Day present right away. I told her I could wait if she wanted me to. But the excitement was too much for her and she presented me these wonderfully hand embellished note cards that she made in school.

Well, they were too lovely to write on. She told me that her teacher had framed hers. What a great idea!!!!

So today, I ran to Target and bought a frame. Silly me, though; I forgot to photograph them before they were framed.

This one is my favorite....
She knows I love cherries and cherry motifs. The designs are painted with thumbprints and the addition of markers, I guess.

This one is cute too....
Hard to see that they are little doggies.

And, she also knows how much I adore blueberries.....

We love to pick them in the summer at a farm but I hope to have my own bushes some day soon!

And here is the trio framed and gracing the wall of my sewing room. What a great addition!

Thanks Sweetie!

For the past few days, I have been banished from the basement. Believe me, that is not hard to do. I have a feeling that my youngest and her friend have messied it up again. But I think I was really not permitted to go in to the 'workshop' down there.

I could here banging and assorted voices down there. The two younger kids and Dad were up and down often.

And this afternoon, I was presented with a new mirror which we have hung in the front foyer...
embellished by sticks from our yard that were painted and fastened to the frame. Hubby and I saw a frame similarly styled in a gift shop in Lake Placid

last summer (he took me there for a 4 night surprise getaway to the fabulous Mirror Lake Inn

for some indulgences and some 'just us' time!).

If you are interested in seeing some of the beautiful areas that are a great part of upstate NY, PBS is airing a show on the Adirondacks this Wednesday night, 9:00-11:00 PM ET. Check it out! I live in the foothills of the Adirondacks and we love to camp, hike, swim and visit the mountain areas often.
(this photo and the other mountain shot are from the top of Cascade Mountain on a hike that hubby and I took while staying in Lake Placid).

We even found a cute little quilt shop in town and visited another one up north.

This is what happened when I started 'fiddling' around in my sewing room early this morning.
Last summer, Blogless Laura and I attended an outdoor workshop on hand dyeing. It was so much fun and I came home with some beautiful pieces of fabric. I would love to do it again. It does take some preparation, though, and supplies that I don't currently have (imagine that!).

I was inspired by this pattern that I showed you yesterday...
And so, I kept on creating....

which lead to the addition of a door...
followed by a little sunshine...and some quilting....
With a little leftover, I played around just a bit longer.

Helen asked me about my finger that met the rotary blade. It is healing quickly now.
I have had to trim away the big flap of skin which was catching on everything, particularly thread (OY!) . I think that piece will grow back sometime soon :-).

I made out pretty well on the guild garage sale. I didn't get rid of everything but managed to bring home some cash which I will stash away. I am in the market for a serger machine. One that cuts off the excess seam, one that does a rolled hem, and maybe even sews the clothing all by itself (is that possible??). So, if you have recommendations, please let me know!

Have a great week!!!