Friday, May 23, 2008

Elementary, my Dear Watson!

okay....I just posted last night but after solving a mystery early this morning, I thought I would share.

Often when I go to the gym at the early hour, ~5:30 AM (gotta squeeze in my workout sometime during the day!), it is chilly. So I bundle up in my sweatshirt, sweatpants and a jacket of some sort. When I arrive at the gym, I take off my jacket and sweat pants (I can only exercise in shorts!!! ever!) and as I warm up, I take off my zip-up sweatshirt.

By the time I am done, I am really sweaty (the only way to burn calories is to work looong and hard!!!) so I pop on my sweatshirt, stuff the rest in my gym bag and head home for a shower.

So... today, after 5.8 miles in 60 minutes, I go through my 'going home' routine and walk into the coat room to grab my slip on sandals (over socks, of course) and I look up to see a white fleece that resembles mine. I didn't wear it today so.... could I have left it here the other day???

I check my jacket a size large? I can't remember. It could surely use a wash, like mine!
I delve further.... hmmmmm.....
looks familiar....
With so many threads attached to the jacket, it must be mine!!!!!! A true sewer/quilter always has at least one thread attached to her/himself, am I right?!
Elementary, my Dear Watson!!!

I am getting closer and closer to my 100th post (okay so I like to talk, right?!).
I am thinking .... giveaway...
just a hint!!!