Thursday, May 22, 2008

All in a day's work...

About 17 years or so ago, my SIL bought a couch, love seat, and arm chair secondhand from someone at her office. It seemed pretty nice at the time.

When she moved into a smaller home several years back, she couldn't fit these large pieces of furniture in, so our family inherited the couch and arm chair.

My family has slowly destroyed them through use and misuse (I mean... 3 young kids!) We recently got a new couch for the family room and moved our blue couch (not shown here) into the front room.

Time to move the inherited couch... but where?? it is too big to go downstairs!

Oh, Kath... you didn't really need it back, did you?
We dismantled it this afternoon in our front foyer... Doesn't look very comfortable any more!But we are 4 cents richer!

And, Sloppy Sister is at it again!!!!! This may not look so bad but really ....doll clothes, spilled ink, crumpled bits of paper and packaging in the art 'cabinet'???!!!!
That's more like it!!!Gotta find those missing containers! Might be in our basement (which is our next cleaning victim!)
But I found a few pencils!!!

The other day, I mentioned that I had a sewing machine that is somewhat of an enigma. Hubby found this for about $5 at a garage sale a couple years back.

Not in nearly as good shape as my featherweight.
It looks similar to a featherweight but does not weigh as light as a feather (ask me how I know!). It has 'Standard' embossed/painted on the front of the machine. According to what little information I can find, Standard began operating out of Cleveland Ohio in 1884 and was acquired by Osaan (a Japanese company??) around 1929 and was subsequently acquired by Singer in the 1930s.
My machine was 'Made in Japan'. But that is all that I know.

I did try to write to Nancy Johnson-Srebro through her publisher. She wrote a book about featherweights and I figured she might have some information through all her research. But I never heard anything.

If you have any ideas or know anything about Standard sewing machines, please let me know.

And it is always nice to see the mountains when I am on my way home from a day of this and that! This is what I see just before I turn up the street to my house.

Very long weekend for us! The kids have Friday, the weekend, Memorial Day and Tuesday school vacation (... what the??????) Enjoy!