Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow and Ice in the Neighborhood

So.... I shuffled down the hallway from the bedrooms around 5 AM today and my son whispered out to me that school was closed. How did he know? He had just checked the t.v. Well, our superintendent doesn't have a reputation for quick decisions with regards to school closings but sure enough... a "snow" and ice day today.

Kids were home and it was plain ol' miserable outside. My son and I shovelled the drive around 8 AM. Heavy, wet snow (only about 3 inches) with a crust of ice is not easy to move but we did it.

After a couple of hours of work, I holed myself up in my sewing room.

Remember this wonky house that I made the other day?

Well, I am addicted!!! I made another....

and another..
and another....

and so on....

and so on.... (kind of like that old VO5 commercial... remember that one? Probably dating myself!)
I couldn't stop!!!

They just kept coming!
Soon I had a little neighborhood!Won't be long before I have the burbs!!!

Tonight, I can hear the ice weighting on the trees and the cracks of limbs falling to the ground. Could be messy in the neighborhood by morning! (nothing compared to the sewing room right now!)