Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I feel like hibernating!

At least, I wish I had time to! This morning, I did my usual early morning (like 5:45 AM) visit to the gym. Thank goodness I have friends there to motivate me.

But, I have a sick child home today with a sore throat, achiness, etc. so I did a popsicle run at 7:00 AM. I looked at the thermometer in my car and this is what it read....

And yes, I need to top off my windshield washer fluid (the icon above).

I just want to hibernate until spring!!!!! It is so darn cold out there today. The good news is that it is supposed to warm up a bit today. The bad news is that we are supposed to get snow.... maybe 5-10 inches or maybe 7-14 inches. Hard to say looking at the weather map on the news at the gym (with close captioning). We seem to be on the border of the two snowfall amounts. Either way, I am getting a little sick of all the white stuff!

I did make a couple more wonky houses early this morning. I just love the possibilities!
The library called this morning (they wait until after 9 AM to call but if you want to talk, I am up earlier) and said that one book that I had requested had come in. Yippee! Boy, that title couldn't be more appropriate, Betz, on a day like this. If I am snowed in tomorrow, I have plenty of eye candy and prospective projects!!! (like I don't have plenty of those all ready!) . On the weekend, I listened to Betz being interviewed on the Craftsanity podcast.
Stay warm!!!!