Tuesday, January 1, 2008

These guys are hanging out by our front door.

Under the shelter of our front porch, they watched this ..... Yup. Snowing again. I didn't take out the ruler and measure but, shoveling it with the kids this afternoon, there seemed to be 4-6 inches. The kids are a little disappointed that it has now stopped snowing as they are destined to return to school tomorrow (a little cheer!) and were hoping for a snow day. There will be time for those yet!!!

I ran out to do my grocery shopping early this morning and spent a good deal of the day working on completing the Elvis blocks and working on the layout. Still wishing I had a design wall instead of a design floor!
The biggest treat today was that hubby made dinner. Not a frequent occurrence in our household these days. It was great. Lasagna and blueberry cheesecake, along with homemade bread, courtesy of my 14 year old and a breadmaker. Not a 'light' dinner but delicious!