Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quilt Interrupted

No quilting/sewing/crafting was done yesterday. That day was devoted to the love of my youngest daughter's life (besides Webkinz)..... figure skating. Upon return from her first day of kindergarten, several years back, she hollered to me (as only she can do), "Why haven't you signed me up for skating lessons?" I didn't have much of answer other than to tell her that I wasn't aware of any desire on her part. And so, her love began.

Yesterday, she and I packed up the car with assorted amusements, costumes, makeup, snacks, etc. and drove up to Lake Placid. Normally, the trip takes a little under an hour an a half, but it was snowing which meant some white knuckle moments as we headed up the interstate at 40 mph, so it took about 2 hours.

This was the first big competition, sanctioned by the Ice Skating Institute, ISI, that she has participated in but I think I was probably more nervous than she. It was comforting to see my friend, Janey, there. Her two daughters were also competing.

My daughter did well enough in her class and age group to take first place among four skaters at her level. She was, of course, elated!
And she felt so honored to be skating in the venue where her idols (particularly Sasha Cohen!) have skated here before her.
The quilt top is done... quilted! Here is the back:
And a close up, on the back of the quilt, of my palm trees, which I think came out really well!
Today, I will begin the binding and sleeve. I have a few ideas for the label(s). The JDRF Gala, at which this quilt will be auctioned, is next Saturday, January 26th! Monies raised from the proceeds of the gala will be devoted to diabetes research in the hopes that someday my favorite figure skater and others may no longer have to deal with the daily trials and tribulations of insulin-dependent, type 1 diabetes.

Have a great weekend!