Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It has been snowing pretty consistently for the past two days! Light snow but snow all the same. Not a huge accumulation but the roads are a little sloppy. It does look beautiful on our evergreen trees.
This morning, while waiting for the school bus with my youngest, I noticed the most beautiful snowflakes on the hood of her jacket. We plucked them off ever so carefully with the fingers of our fleece gloves for a closer look. They are so fascinating. There is a wonderful children's books that my kids have taken out from the library in the past about a man who photographed snowflakes and discovered that no two snowflakes are alike, Snowflake Bentley.
I tried to photograph some on my glove, but I am no W.A. Bentley. While it snows outside, I am warm inside. I have been drafting palm trees in the hopes that they look good enough in thread to quilt onto the Elvis quilt. What do you think? It is a little scary!
And to keep warm, lately I have been into making soups and breads. Last night, I made a yummy tomato alphabet soup. Our bread machine has been also getting quite a workout lately as I try a variety of delicious breads.
The great thing about soup is that there is always leftovers! Tonight, I am planning to make some long requested chicken soup for my two carnivorous daughters :-)