Saturday, December 26, 2015

Failed.... again!!!

I tried and tried... but I just couldn't do it.... 31 consecutive days of blogging, that is.

With weather like this in December in upstate NY...

who could blame me????!!!

A failure is not always a mistake, 
it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances.
 The real mistake is to stop trying.
-B. F. Skinner

Failure is really a harsh word isn't it???

I have made many mistakes this year
but I now realize that 
it was really simply the best I could do at that moment in time

Those mistakes are done
and I need to focus on the joy of the present moment!!!!

(this was my word for 2014... I am working on one for 2016, how about you?)

And yes, there were presents lol!!!

This week, I couldn't blog about my latest projects 
because these projects were under wraps (so to speak)
... or should I say, wrapped!!!

There was a pillow to commemorate a beloved pet...

cookies in a jar to layer...

pouches to fill with junk...

a shawl to knit and knit and knit...

cookies to bake....

(wait!!! I didn't bake those cookies!!! the kids did!)

Even with all the hubub going on here,
Amazon left a new house for Olive...

Now that those projects are in the hands of loved ones,
I can move on to the myriad of unfinished 
and unstarted projects
and I will surely have plenty to blog about!!!

Wishing all of you peace, joy, love, and new projects this holiday season!!!