Tuesday, September 29, 2015

N. Y. C.

This past weekend, 
I made a trip to New York City!!!!

But this weekend, 
I had to share the limelight with the Pope!!!

cuz I am pretty sure these people were not lined up to see me...

I was in the Big Apple 
organized by the Quilt Alliance.

I started my weekend with a class
at Victoria Findlay Wolfe's loft....

We sewed on Juki machines
(boy can they sew fast!)

and made cute little bags...

hung out with her little dog, Jenny...

and looked at some of Victoria's beautiful quilts....

In the afternoon,
I went on a tour of the Antonio Ratti Textile Center
but we were asked not to publish any photos of the old quilts 
we saw there...

but I did take photos of some quilts on display in The Met.. 

On my way back to my friend's apartment,
bands were congregating...

streets and Central Park were closed off...

and all kinds of security was visible...

I needed all the help I could get to keep the masses
 from getting too close to Olive!!!

Actually, security was for the Pope
who was going to be Central Park Friday afternoon,  
but there was a big crowd shopping at The City Quilter
where some of the quilts from the Quilt Alliance's contest,
"Animals We Love" were on display.

It was good to catch up with Olive!!
It is probably the last time that I will see her in person.
The quilts are scheduled to be auctioned off on Ebay this fall..
stay tuned!

next post...

Quilters Take Manhattan main event....