Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving forward... I think....

I am not exactly sure where to start...  

This year has been a creatively challenging year to say the least.

New project
A few years back, I seemed to be in the midst of a fun, productive, fulfilling creative life... chock full of online friends all over the world, swaps, blogging, exchanging of ideas in the midst of a busy life at home... exercising, homeschooling, landlording etc.
In progress
Then, something happened and I seemed to have become completely and easily derailed.

In progress

I lost my creative edge, my confidence, my dreams of making it big or at least, of creating big.

"Trying to See the Forest through the Trees"
I've had a lot of starts this year.. and a lot (I mean a lot!) of stops too.

Mr. U reminds me that many famous artists have encountered spells of creative blocks too. So I'm trying to be patient. I am trying to create when I am not sure I can.

"Trying to See the Forest through the Trees"
I am reading a book that has given me lots of food for thought....

The author writes that, "When we use our disturbances as materials of expression,
we see that everything in life is fuel for the creative process."

And....I am trying to realize that,
"the most provocative and useful stimulus for reframing
is the declaration that what disturbs you the most
may have the most to offer in your creative expression."

Not really sure yet what is disturbing me but....
I am back to playing, creating
chopping up old quilt blocks, piecing strips and scraps and ...

"Trying to See the Forest through the Trees"
Trying to See the Forest through the Trees