Saturday, July 7, 2012

The outside world...

We have had a few hot days in upstate NY lately... 

Lazy days of summer
which means it is a good time be outside!

Our garden is blooming... 

(butterfly bush)

 eggplant bloom 
(eggplant bloom) 

swiss chard
(swiss chard)

and some days, it is just too hot to sit and work in my studio,
so it is a good time to head outdoors for some...

ice parfait dyeing!!!!

Ice parfait dyeing
I read the article in this summer's Quilting Arts magazine
and knew it would be fun to try!

I did let the parfait 'cook' inside so the ice didn't melt in a half hour!

 and after the ice has melted...

Ice dyeing parfait after the ice melted

It turns out like this!!!!

the top layer.... 

ice parfait dyeing 

the second layer... 

ice parfait dyeing

the third layer...

 ice parfait dyeing

and the bottom layer... 

ice parfait dyeing

Hope you are enjoying being outside too!