Thursday, July 7, 2011

This was not your ordinary run-of-the-mill kind of summer day!

Nope it wasn't!

Some of us headed to Vermont this morning...

on our way to VT

Some of us did not quite make it....

(sorry about that!)

Road trips to nearby Vermont are always breathtaking...


and today was no exception...

driving in VT

For my long-time blog readers,
you will know of my great, great fondness for old houses....

I love old houses!!!!
and today,

Manchester VT

my heart was pounding with excitement
and my brain was filling with inspiration!!!

My travel companion,
the ever faithful, 12 year old Sugarbaby, and I 
snapped photo after photo after photo (!) as we traversed the countryside!

But alas...
we did have a purpose for our travels today!

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

Well, friends, I think I have died and gone to heaven!!!

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

This shop is just gorgeous!!!

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

Eye candy everywhere!!!

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

Something in every nook and cranny!

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

Shelley (sorry I missed you!) and her staff have a beautiful shop!!!

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

And naturally,

Me at Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

I did not leave empty-handed!

goodies from Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

On the way home,

Bob's Diner

we stopped at Bob's Diner...

Bob's Diner

for a little grub...

veggie burger at Bob's Diner

and entertainment...
Sugarbaby selects our lunchtime entertainment at Bob's Diner

And then...

Grist Mill

Sugarbaby asked to stop in Manchester..

Manchester VT

to snap some more photos...

Manchester VT
by the Grist Mill.

Back at home...
when the delirium of the day dwindled,

I tried my hand at watercolors.
Not really watercolors but watercolor crayons....

I don't have watercolors

Then, I created a stencil from a big square punch 
and dabbed ink with a make up sponge
into the squares...

inks to dab in the punched out squares

to create a calendar in my new sketchbook!

I made a calendar in my new sketchbook

You can never be sure what the day will bring!!!

Me on the floor