Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diving in Head First!!!

As you all know,
I am an early riser
and today was no exception.

It started out on our screened-in porch
in my improvised studio
where it felt comfortably warm...

my improvised studio

and I worked more on yesterday's journal spread...

Stay Cool

but, as always,

I took a break when the newspaper arrived to read it
and do the crytoquote puzzle, as I do every day.

And today's deciphered quote made me jump for joy!!!

I love to do cryptoquotes in our paper

Ten or eleven months ago,
after many, many months (even years) of ogling at people's art journals
and wanting to try my hand at journaling,

I took the plunge...

The cover of my very first art journal

and this is what my first journal page looked like....

My very first art journal spread!

and this is what today's....
coincidentally (???)
the last journal spread in my very first art journal
looks like....

So Do It!!!
(hmmm... is it fate???)

when I finally overcame my fear of journaling
and started...

10 or 11 months of art journaling

I haven't looked back.

This year, I have tried so many new techniques/skills/crafts
and I have a list of sooooo many more
I want to try....

The World is My Oyster

Me on the floor

I plan to Dive in Head First!!!!

Are you coming?????

(Day #23 of 30 Days of Get Your Art On)