Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it Wednesday all ready?!

Ha! Actually, I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon so I am thinking into the future about.....

Workbook Wednesday

How did everybody do during this week #1???

I have done the exercises from the first chapter....


and I have decided that


....really, I love randomness!!!!

outline sketch

My drawings are not beautiful but they help me to understand the various concepts outlined in the chapter...


Has anyone picked their theme yet????

I have narrowed mine down to two!

Houses are my fave but I was having fun drawing tulips which are popular around here in the spring...


What do you think?

I haven't made my first little quilt and I won't be near a sewing machine this coming week as the U family enjoys some time together  on spring break....

but it would be hard to go a week without some sewing (yikes! perish the thought!)

dresden plates ready for applique!

so in my spare (???) time, I have whipped up these dresden plates to applique!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

SPF #11, 3/12/10: Sitting in my 'haven'Happy sketching!!!