Monday, July 20, 2009

I am too pooped to blog!

It has been a looooooooong day!

Up early to see the sunrise on the way to the gym (arrived there at 5:10 AM)!

see the sunrise on the way to the gym at 5 AM

and managed a quick run (4 miles in 35:21!!!).

... and from then on... I was kept running....

8:15 Nature Boy to clay animation class

9:00 run some errands, leave a list of chores at home (not on the t.v. this time!)

10:15 pick up Nature Boy and deposit him at home

11:00 eye appt for Sugarbaby in a town about 20 min away

12:00 stop by ice rink to pick up some stuff (Sugarbaby thinks she is done with her skating career)

1:00 Sugarbaby to painting class

2:45 pick up Sugarbaby and take her to library for volunteer 'reading buddy' program

4:00 Sugarbaby and I pick up Teenager at home and take her to a friend's

....and so that is why I am so gosh darn fatigued!!!!

Today, while I was out, I did get a wonderful package from Julie my placemat quilt swap partner ....

my swap package from Julie

who spoiled me ROTTEN...

the wonderful front of the placemat

and she did her research well!!!

My swap partner spoiled me!

So, while I slip into a Crunchie bar coma, I give you a sneak peek of a project (with some of my new hand dyes) I am working on....

8 blocks

Next post, I will give you the final details to hand dyeing the Upstatelisa way!