Thursday, May 15, 2008

Handle with Care

I went shopping this morning...

and came home with this....
Don't have time right now to play with it, but when I do, you will all know about it! I can hardly wait!!!!

In the meantime, you all know how I like houses in quilts. This is an early member of my house collection.

It hangs in my bedroom (along with another hanging with cabins) now but I bet Janey, Blogless Laura, and Blogless Deb can remember some choice words when I was piecing this together! I made it at a quilting retreat a few falls ago. We usually go each October today and have a good ol' time....eating, sewing, talking, and playing tricks on each other (some played more tricks on some than others!!!) But I hear that the location is no longer available and the organizer of the retreat is no longer interested in pursuing other venues..too bad.
Here are some beautiful fall photos of the Adirondacks, at the retreat, that I took this past autumn.

BTW, Kerry is having a giveaway at My Favorite Things. Check it out!