Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Spring Break Really Over????

The kids reluctantly went back to school today. The almost-summerlike weather has persisted, so I am guessing it made it all that much harder to board the bus this morning. I had a great week - chauffeuring everyone around, breaking up fights, begging them to clean their rooms, raking the leaves alone, etc., so I am not so sad to see the end of the break.

Yesterday, though, my youngest and I visited our local art gallery. Many of the works of art are housed in the home of the founders of this museum, but also in wings that were added to the house later. My daughter had taken a tour some time ago with her class, so she acted as my tour guide and it was surprising how much information she recalled.

This sculpture was donated several years ago by a local philanthropist, aptly named, "The Family" and stands outside the main entrance.

The bathroom in the home was particularly fascinating to my daughter...especially, the sunken bathtub.
There is a closed-in courtyard in the home which my daughter explained was supposed to give one the feel of being in Italy even when it was winter outside...
This window looking up to the sky is just beautiful!

Here are some views of the courtyard from above...
There are windows in many of the upstairs rooms looking onto the courtyard...

and this beautiful fountain..
Apparently, according to my guide, the lower part of the fountain would have been for the goats, and the upper portion would have been for the people.

I tried to take some flashless photos of some of the artwork but they are not very clear..

This painted dresser was just exquisite.
The rest of the museum had a large display of Italian Renaissance artwork.

Last night, I went to our monthly small friendship group "Sew Together!" meeting. My friend, Laura, had just finished a mystery quilt that she had made using batiks.

The quilting is amazing!
And what is particularly amazing is that she quilted the quilt from the back, outlining the flowers on the fabric. It turned out so well!
What a great idea!!!

Here are some more signs that spring has sprung... daffodils,
and flowering trees!
I have some vacuuming to do, landlord paperwork to complete, pick up the car from an oil change, run a bathing suit over to the elementary school (my youngest didn't bring home any notes over break!), make some phone calls, go to the post office, take a couple kids to the dentist ........hey, I need a break!!!!