Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not as planned

Usually, I set out each day with a general plan of what I have to do or want to do. So, it was not unusual for me to start yesterday, Wednesday, with some idea of what I wanted to do. Go to the gym early (check!), sew Elvis (check!), run some errands (check!), visit a friend in the hospital (check!), go home and sew some more (che----- whoa!!!).

I was on my way home when my cell phone rang. It was my friend the mechanic. He had the part and wanted to know when I wanted to come by. Well, never any time like the present! So, I hustled out to his garage in the countryside and finally, 2 hours later I was on the road again. He didn't even laugh at my temporary fix-it job!

But I have to admit, though I didn't get much sewing done, I did pop by a thrift shop during my errands and found some goodies. We don't have a lot of good thrifting around here, at least, not to my knowledge. Maybe I don't know where to look yet. But I am learning.

So, here are my finds:

This wool sweater, a girl's size but I know that my girls will not wear a wool sweater. My plan is to probably felt it in the wash and figure out what to do with it after that. What do you think? I considered unraveling it, but the wool is very fine "shetland wool".

Then, I found this wool sweater/jacket. It seems all ready felt like but I am thinking about refurbishing it. Any ideas? I think I will get it cleaned while I ponder the possibilities.
I found a couple of patterns. One is a cute new pattern and one is a funky, retro, circa I-don't-know.

And, what I consider to be my great finds of the day.... two books.

With these groovy images.....

And this book here....

Isn't this trio cute? Knitted penguins.

I love this afghan and thought the sweater was pretty nice.

This last image caught my eye. Not for the cape but the fact that they have a gentleman smoking in a photo. Don't see many of those pictures these days, huh?

And today, my plan started out okay. Gym class at 5:30 AM (check!). But my youngest didn't feel well today so she was home. Plans for cross country skiing and some leisure time with hubby were canned but I found some time to see Elvis today. Photos coming soon!

I don't know what to plan for tomorrow!!! I guess, I will go with the flow.