Monday, October 26, 2015

Yep, I am....

back in the saddle

doing something you stopped doing for a period of time; Friedman's career seemed to be finished a month ago, but he's back in the saddle and playing for Houston.

This weekend, I put on my cowboy boots and ten gallon hat
and ...

Okay, I don't own either

It seems that I am beginning to find my groove again!!
I spent some time at the sewing machine, 
working on a project that has taken many pauses over the past year
 and still has a way to go!!!

This is the now very famous Olive with her late companion, Tinkerbelle.

Originally, this photo taken by my youngest child, "Sugarbaby",

was supposed to be a small quilt 
destined for the Quilt Alliance "Animals We Love" Contest
but the project outgrew the dimensional limitations (16"x16")
(as well as the innocence of the original photo!!!)

and so we all know what happened to that contest..

(a refresher just in case you forgot!!!)

Now the project 
needs a lot more thread and perhaps some added dimension.

And eventually, a title....
Thelma and Louise?
Girls on the Lam?
Stay tuned...

I attended a lecture at our local art museum 
entitled "Art is a Feminist Issue"
in conjunction with a current exhibit,
An octogenarian, Ms Flack
created an exhibit of mixed media drawings and prints to
highlight women neglected or demonized by history.
The pieces in this exhibit were all completed within the past few years...
So maybe my best work is yet to come!!

I also began some hand stitching 

which I find particularly relaxing ...

This project has a deadline so I may have to speed up my relaxation!!!

Not to be confined to the sewing needle,
I dabbled a bit in the kitchen...

and even donned the ol' running shoes...

Life is full of surprises!!!