Thursday, May 7, 2015

Collecting for the Future...

I keep telling myself, "Self, you have to blog!"
but as you can see, I don't always listen!

Anyway, Nature Boy and I explored an antique fair and flea market 
in a neighboring upstate NY county last weekend.

Lots of fun stuff to see...

and eat, naturally....

I came home with some beautiful pieces of lace...

Being an early riser, 
we had seen the market and more by 11:30 when the crowds appeared.

That afternoon, I found myself at my studio
along with my studio mates who were up to their elbows in thickened dyes..

And after slapping on some dyes, 

letting them "cure" for a day or so...

 I have these pretty colorful pieces of lace

and a colorful background cloth!

But now what????!

I guess they will be added to my growing collection of 
"someday I will have a use for this."

Then other day, I saw a tutorial on Carol Eaton's blog
that I really wanted to try.

If you have known me for a while, you might know that I LOVE dots!!!

These are some of my "someday I will cut into my coveted dots" collection. 

Luckily, I had a piece of silk habotai 
in my pile of "someday I might need this" collection
(and see, I did need the silk!)
and got busy making dots...

and then with the magic of rubbing alcohol 
I dripped the alcohol onto the colored dots.

Now I have a wonderful piece of dotted silk

 to transfer to my
"someday I will have a use for this" collection.

Well all this thinking about overflowing collections
 filling up my studio and sewing room,
it might be no surprise that I am 
participating in a
Spring Cleaning Blog Hop
organized by Cheryl Sleboda!!!

Here's the line up of Spring Cleaners!!!

Take a look!
May 9 Heather Kinion
May 10 Jessica Darling
May 11 Lisa Blevis Filion
May 13 Mandy Leins
May 14 Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz
May 16 Debby Ritenbaugh Brown
May 18 Michelle Mattingly
May 19 Cheryl Sleboda

In the meantime, I had better organize my collections while I ponder what to do with all of them!!!