Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stick a needle in my eye or how to edit the purple violin (odd title, isn't it?)

It has been one of those days...

(1) I dropped and broke a bottle of nailpolish (luckily it was clear) 
on the bathroom tiled floor this morning...

(2) spilled a mug of smelly paint water on the table and floor of my studio...

and yes,

(3) while picking 7 lbs of blueberries this morning with Sugarbaby...
blueberry picking

a stick appears to have poked right into the corner of my eye
(that is, penetrated)...
I even saw it myself and eye stuff totally grosses me out!!!

I have taken out my contact lenses 
but other than some mild discomfort and some redness, I am able to see just fine!

Anyway, after Renate asked me how I add text and lines to my photos,
I decided that I would take today's post to describe the process

Let's face it...
it is a lot easier than breaking, spilling or poking something else!!!

A disclaimer...
most of the following photos are dark as they are taken of my computer monitor
in our poorly lit computer room
this is a process that I figured out by trial and error,
so there is probably many other ways to arrive at the same result.

Here it goes..

How I edit the purple violin:
We start with a photo that I have downloaded to flickr
(although I believe that you can do this right from your Picasa album too)

watercolor violin

and while I do often take some creative license in my artwork, 
Sugarbaby does indeed have a purple violin
(which looks much better in real life!!!)

Hope YOU have your glasses on...

In the "action" menu above your photo in flickr
click on "edit photo in Picknik"

On one of your photos in flickr, click on "edit photo in Picknik"

After a minute,
your photo will appear in Picknik...

After a minute, your photo appears in Picknik

To start, click on "Create" at the top...

To start with, click on "Create" on the top menu

then click on "Effects"

in the Create menu, click on "Effects"

Now scroll waaaaaay down (anyone ever watch The Friendly Giant?)
to "Doodle" under "Misc" and click on that too!

and scroll waaaay down to "Misc" where you will find "Doodle" (click on it!)

The Doodle menu will open up like this...

This is what you will find when you click on "Doodle"

I know!
So many choices!!!
I start with brush color
and size
(not sure exactly what hardness does, but play around to find out!)

So many choices!!! Start by picking a color for your brush

The smaller the brush size number,
the thinner the line (which is what I want today)...

Select a brush size (the smaller the number, the thinner the brush)

Once you have made your choices,
you will find your mouse cursor over on your photo...

Then I drag my mouse to the spot where I am going to begin drawing (see the wee circle at the top right?)

and I begin drawing...

I start by drawing an arrow by dragging my mouse

until I have all the lines (or drawings/doodles) I need

until I have all the 'drawings' or lines that I need
(today I discovered that if I need to erase a doodle,
click on eraser in the doodle menu, rub out what you want 
and then click on eraser again to go back to doodling)
and click on 'Apply" when you are done.

Now I am ready to add text,
so click on it!!!

in the Create menu, I now click on "Text"

and then scroll down on the left side of the screen
to choose the font ...

and scroll down to some of the free fonts (the ones on a white background)
(hint: the white backgrounded fonts are free!!!)

Today, I am in the mood for King Cool KC

how about ";King Cool KC" today?
(Austin says: "groovy baby!")

Just above the font names is a text box...

Above the font names is a box where you type in the text you want
(yup, you got it... that is where you type!)

like the word.... scroll!

Type in "scroll" (the desired word) and click on "Add"

then click on "Add"

Hmmmm... more choices!!!

Hmmm... now you have the word in the middle and a new menu appears
(the word, scroll, is waiting for me in the middle of the photo!)

I start by moving my mouse over the size (trial and error, personal preference)

I am going to change the size of the font by moving my mouse over "size"

and select the font color next...

and choosing a color for my text (if you want, you can also click on bold, italic or the other choices)

and you can now see that scroll is bigger and green!

So now the word, scroll, looks like this
(It's not easy being green!)

Now I stick my mouse cursor over the word

I put my mouse over the word and drag it to its destination

and drag it into the position I want
scroll has arrived at its destination, so I take my mouse off of the word and click somewhere else on the photo

move the cursor off the word
(I usually click somewhere else on the photo)

et voila!

et voila!
I have text to go with my doodles...
and soon, I have labeled all the parts!

Now you need to save your edited photo
(save is at the top right hand corner)...

Now it is time to save your edited photo
(Hey, I edited this photo!!!)

and you can make any changes to the title, description,
tags, permission, etc now...

lousy photo but you can add or change any of the details to your photo

and you can save a new copy of the photo
(in addition to the original photo on flickr)
or you can replace the old photo
(and this deletes the original photo on flickr)

Your choice....

You can replace the old photo or make a new copy

and then you sit and wait...

the gears are turning!

and wait a little bit more...

until your edited photo appears on your flickr account!!!

and then your new photo is in flickr!

As my father, the physicist says, QED
which I always thought meant quite easily done!

Me on the floor
I am not a physicist!

And luckily, I can still see clearly!!!