Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Equation

I love math,
in fact, I took a year of calculus in undergraduate,
until I decided that I wouldn't be making a career out of math, so I moved on.

Phyllis likes math...

Phyllis likes math

even if my kids don't!

There is a lot math involved in quilting,
more than one might think!!!

My mathematical equation
(which is definitely not linear)
goes like this....

1 idea....


10 wonderful friends on flickr


an increasing number of free pieced rows...

my row for my month!
(1 row)

Row 1: Laura's, Row 2: mine
(then 2 rows)

Lucinda's row (on top) arrived today!
(then 3 rows)

First 4 rows
(then 4 rows)

the rows so far..
(then 6 rows)

trying out my 8 rows of Gee's Bend inspiration!
(then 8 rows)

Gee's Bend Inspired top pieced!
(and finally 10 rows!!!)


a whole lot of perle 8 (ecru) cotton thread....

I have my quilt in a hoop


My quilt is done!


GEE'S whiz, i BEND wanting a quilt like this! Thanks Row 10

My quilt is done!

I never dreamed that...

My quilt is done!

it would be so lovely!!!

My quilt is done!

From the bottom of my heart,
I thank you, my row 10 friends!!!!!

My quilt is done!


Me on the floor
I love math!