Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take a number!!!!

yikes! I am not ready!

Who knew that it could be so stressful getting ready to go on vacation!????


So much to do!

I spent the weekend sewing so my quilting diva traveling companions could have their own passport wallets to take with them on our cruise!

two passport wallets for my Quilt Diva friends

Look under Glassbeach's blog (right side bar - tutorials) so that you can make your own!

In my spare time (?) I have been trying to get Kim's row of mushrooms done before I leave but that may not happen....

Here's a start on my 'shrooms

It is so crazy right now that I couldn't even participate in the Sewing Olympics sponsored by some flickr friends!!!!!!


 but............I have been practicing taking photos with my new camera....
my new camera!

trying to sort through all my stuff so that I can get all my sewing tools, clothing, etc in one suitcase....
some semblance of packing going on

and trying to prepare the troops for a week without me.....
Family Time

So........I have prepared a laundry refresher course with detailed directions and photos!!!!!!

laundry refresher course

I have been baking some reserves (don't want them to starve) .......

stocking up the freezer with supplies!

I have been trying to prepare enough work for those who will continue their studies at home in my absence......
getting some homeschooling work organized

All this while...

 I am nursing a pulled intercostal muscle that I sustained in a bizarre treadmill mishap at 6.5 mph!!!!

Running keeps me sane these days

and trying to find a new tenant for a vacant apartment!!!!

building #3

Ya gotta anymore you want me to do?!!!!

You may need to take a number... cuz I seem to be a bit busy!!!!!!

Yup, that's me! insanely wonky!!!