Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seems to be getting out of hand!

So even though I like math, this angle thing wasn't doing anything for me and was going to just get more complicated (aka frustrating). I decided to rip all the houses out...

made a couple of log cabins to try...

and added them to create this configuration...
but then I took them out and tried out the all white background (which is a first for me!!!)...

and then I added another house....
I am thinking now that I will make more log cabins for the back!

By the way, the houses are pretty small.... 5" finished, paper pieced. I got the pattern from Quilters Newsletter, shrunk the pattern, and then reversed it.

But all this playing around has created even more mess...
... and it ....
seems to be getting out of hand!!!
And I just received an order from Fat Quarter Shop!!!!
I haven't used charm packs or jelly rolls before, but I am guessing that there are more messes in store for my sewing room in the near future!!!!


  1. I really like those houses with the log cabin blocks!! I have wanted that pattern everytime I've seen them, thanks!!! I love working with charm packs for minis. I have 3 jelly rolls-I think i am more of a collector of them than quilter-just don't quilt much lately. I love the pics of your messy sewing room, my sewing table looks like that! (even with minimal sewing)!

  2. I like the white blocks in between the houses. You could do some gorgeous quilting in those plain blocks if you wanted.
    In any case, any configuration will look great I'm sure.
    Andi :-)

  3. I love the houses on the all white background. Man you are productive!!!

  4. I love the Happy Howliday jelly roll. What in tarnation are you going to do with all those houses girl?

  5. I like the houses on the white background...I do like the log cabins too though.... Hmmmmm....

  6. I'm loving all your houses and your sewing room is not nearly as messy as mine. I really need to get in their and do something about it.

  7. the houses are great. I like the mixture of houses & log cabins, with the white backgrounds... but I lvoe WHITE quilts... You've been busy! 5" houses! wow.
    its fun to get messy!