Friday, July 10, 2009


I saw this Parade of Quilts first on Jodi's blog tonight and thought I would play along... showing your first quilt you ever made and your most recent quilt.

But I discovered that I didn't have a photo of my first quilt, at least, not in the era of digital cameras kind of photo! So I rummaged around to find the quilt in the linen closet, kind of smushed in there but still in one piece.....

Here it is.... my first quilt....a baby quilt that I made using a pattern in the first volume of PS I Love You (after taking an intro to quilting class at a local community college continuing education program, I figured I could do just about anything!). I really didn't know what I was doing ....

my very first quilt

but I did most of the quilting by hand! (ah... those were the times of leisure, B.C. = Before Children).....

my very first quilt- closer examination

It was to be the quilt for my first baby and she slept under it for a couple of years!

My latest quilt is also a baby quilt... but boy, have my preferences changed!!!!

This quilt, which I have shown previously on my blog, is for Sugarbaby's teacher who is due to have her first child in early September.....

baby quilt done! (front)

the back is just as much fun as the front, I think!

baby quilt done!

Here are the first blocks for a project that has been brewing in my head ever since I started (my prize winning) Case Study #1.....

Playing with an idea that has been brewing in my head for some time

(stay tuned for the name of that quilt!!!)

And finally, our first real feels-like-summer day!!!!!


Sunning and sewing....

Sunning and sewing... What more could I ask for???

What more could a girl ask for?!!!

Have a good weekend!



  1. Oh man, that was your first quilt??? Yipes, I'm not showing mine AT ALL. That is so lovely! I love your latest one too, the back as well as the front. I think I'm going backwards - my first was better than my last.

    SWIMMING! Yay! And sunshine! How wonderful!

  2. Awesome first quilt! and I love that you have got some sunshine! Wahoo!

  3. I like your first quilt! Now...the new one that you showed....with the white strips and wonky colored ones.....question you do that on foundation fabric or do you just attach strips together in wonky fashion? I like how it's looking.

  4. your first and recent are pretty darn cute...My first quilt has been washed and has fallen apart so much my mother has had to keep cutting it down and patching/mending it, as it's been loved so much by my nieces over the past 20 years... hmmm. maybe I can get a picture of it on this trip to MN, I'm sitting here at JFK airport racking my brain... ;-)

  5. Your first quilt is so lovely!

    I love the last one very, very much!

    Those first quilts will also be special though!

  6. your first quilt is beautiful!! very nice hand quilting!

  7. Fun, fun. I love your first quilt! But I love your last quilt, too. I also love those polka dots!

  8. I love your quilts! That baby quilt is so sweet. And what a generous teacher gift! The back of that one is super cool.