Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Main Event!

Saturday was the big day for Quilters Take Manhattan, 2014!

The main event was at FIT

When the doors opened, I grabbed a seat close to the front among quilters whom I didn't know- but that doesn't matter much - quilters are a friendly tribe! I sat among ladies from California, Virginia, and New Jersey.

We each received goodie bags filled with written material, a spool of thread, a charm pack, etc.

The edges of the hall were packed with quilt displays, several vendors Westminster Fabrics

Cherrywood Fabrics sponsored a "Wicked" challenge beginning after last year's event
and several of the entries were displayed..

All the finalists' quilts are on display currently at The Gershwin Theater 
(home of the broadway show, Wicked)
through the end of October before heading out on the road...
broomstick and all!

As well, the Quilt Alliance also sponsored an "Inspired By" challenge
and though I only took a few photos,

the quilts were all wonderful!

The keynote speaker was Amy Butler

just as statuesque in real life!!!

Her talk entitled Creative Evolution..

was a candid account of her disconnection from her designs and her business
and how she conquered those obstacles 
to reconnect with what she loves. 
Quite inspiring!!!

Following, Mark Dunn, president and owner of Moda Fabrics,

shared some of the quilts that he has collected

how some of the antique quilts 

have been the inspiration for Moda fabric collections

Proceeds from the sale of the collections has benefited
individuals and charities, 
most recently Libby Lehman who is recovering from an aneurysm and stroke. 

He also brought a few of his favorite modern and/or art quilts..

Well, that is plenty for today!!!

I have started on a new project

and want to fiddle a bit more today!

Stay tuned for more....