Saturday, October 4, 2008

I must have crafters' ADD!!!!

Here is a stack of my black and white fabrics that I am looking through and taking a little strip off the side to add to my latest project...

oh! and there are more waiting on the shelves....
I didn't take a photo of my reds, but here is my red bathrobe complete with loose threads from an early morning in-my-pajamas sewing session where I was hunkered down for a couple of hours in my sewing room, while Mr. U participated in bill-paying day.

Some of my scraps are ready to go...

and the teeny weeny leftovers go here in my little on the hanging-over-the-sewing-table trash sac...
and more in the trash bag on the floor...
Remember this assortment from the other day?

I keep adding them into a bag to keep for safe keeping...

and all of a sudden, I have this...

courthouse steps 'quilt' 10/4/08

I actually have one more, but it was too complicated to add to the mosaic!

But not to spend the entire day in blacks and whites, I have to start thinking of another project for a Halloween-themed swap...

(these are actually my pajama bottoms!) ... hoping for some inspiration!!!

And another project that I decided to start today....
(I don't seem to have enough projects going on at one time cuz... I must have crafters' ADD!

sigh........ it's a real problem!!!!)

But I did manage to get outside some!

I found these berries growing on the overgrown bushes in the backyard...

these on the deck....
and this sunset over the mountains, from my mirror...
as I still seem to do a lot of taxiing around of children!

And finally, a bit of good news, at least for Nature Boy and our pocketbook....
he will only need 7 teeth extracted by the dentist (getting ready for orthodontia), as one big honkin' molar fell out tonight!!!! (and there isn't enough time tonight for another project... a tooth fairy pillow!!!)


  1. Oh you know how I love black and white!!!! That cat is very cool ... loads of ideas from that I am sure. ADD is cool when it comes to doing good things like sewing!!!!! What a great new idea for a design wall!!!

  2. atleast you are productive with that crafter's add. i stayed in my pjs all day (feeling a little under the weather) and managed a little sewimg myself. yay saturdays! lovin' your courthouse steps!

  3. wow your black/white/red quilt is coming out fantastic!

  4. those blocks look amazing and you have been stitching up a storm....I am hoping to do that for the rest of today and tomorrow....I have to get some swaps done and it seems like the perfect time to start!!...a long weekend!

  5. Love the progress on the black, white and red - looks very effective!! Do you ever rest? You always seem to have so many fabulous projects on the go.

  6. I really really like your black and white and red blocks.

  7. I'm loving your black and white quilt. Are those yew tree berries , the red ones ? If so I have those where I live and just love the hole in the middle!!
    lisa x

  8. Join the club!
    Way to bounce around! :)

  9. Oh I love the black,white and red blocks!!! Almost think I need to start collecting myself......but realistically I don't have time to even plan another project for at least 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hA1 You sound like me! so many projects, which way to turn?!!
    the black and whites are looking quite impressive! As for the teeth falling out... well, I can't go there. Mine goes tot he school nurse to have that taken care of... can't deal with mouth blood...

  11. WOW! That quilt is going to be fabulous! You certainly do have crafter's ADHD but it's a very productive form of it apparently!

  12. those courthouse steps keep getting better and better.

  13. I think it is safe to say we all have crafters ADD. . .or rather an addiction. We have so many great ideas and so little time, that is the real issue! THOSE blocks are looking great, btw. I'm liking them lots. Thanks for the feedback on my new format over at DQ, I appreciate it.

    Happy sewing!

  14. I think I have quilter's ADD...I started 3 new quilts over the weekend. yes, 3. which brings my total to about 14 or 15 quilts in progress now. I need to seek help.

    your log cabin blocks are lovely!

  15. The black and white and red quilt is wonderful!

  16. The black and white and red is gorgeous!