Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday is for Slugs... or I wanna be an Aussie!!!!

Sunday is for slugs...

at least, that is how I feel! It is warm and dreary out and I feel sluggish here! The house is a real mess!!! and I just want everybody to go back to school so I can clean!!!! I am seriously thinking that we may have a clean-a-thon tonight before bedtime!!!! But I am not sure I am motivated enough!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Sugarbaby and Nature Boy need/want new fall clothing but I have asked them repeatedly to go through their current stash of clothes so we know what they all ready have. Have they done it?! NO! I guess they feel as sluggish as me!!!

Fall is definitely here...

but it is still pretty warm, so I haven't bothered to shop yet for warmer clothing!
Okay, now about those Aussies!!! I think I would like to be one in my next life!!!! I promise that I will work on the accent (I am pretty adaptable!Ask all my Canadian family... they laugh at my American accent now... and I laugh at theirs)!!! You Aussies rock!!!!!

Firstly, my bloggy friend, Kellie, has posted a tutorial for a gorgeous art smock for kids which you all must check out!!! Her designs are so wonderful and she puts on a mean children's birthday party!!!!!

Then, Lisa (who is not an Aussie but hails from the United Kingdom- I could probably get that accent working a little sooner!) organized a magazine swap and I was paired with Soo (who is from 'Down Under'). She sent me the most wonderful package!!!! These Aussie magazines rock!!!! and they are so hard to find here in the USA!!!!!
I have never had a chance to look at a Down Under Quilts magazine before and it is beautiful!!!!

Look at the color!!!
and the projects!!!
I love it all!!!!!!!

I also got a copy of Homespun... The Pink Issue!!!!

I have to make these!!!!!!!!!

and Soo sent me this bird softie kit..

to go with the pattern! How cool is that?! ("Only in Australia you say? Pity!"... I think only Any Canadians here familiar with the Red Rose Tea commercial ?!)
Back in my sewing room, I have been less than sluggish these past few days. I finished this mini quilt for the Priority Quilt Auction...
and I did a lot of different quilting...
You can see more at the LazyHope blog.

And seeing that Sugarbaby needed yet another bag to store diabetes supplies, this time in the gym, I decided to use the reversible patchwork bag I found at the Pink Penguin Tutorial to make her an attractive looking supply holder...

I made a few additions to the pattern including topstitching just under the casing so that bag inside and outside doesn't move around...

and I hate when the ends of the cording fray, so I took a small block of fabric, folded it here and there and stitched the cording ends into the fabric.
Sugarbaby is all about looks!!!! Yeah right!
I also just finished whipping up one of Megan's blueberry cakes that we absolutely love here!

Okay Mate, so now I have rambled on and on.... I guess I am not as sluggish as I thought!, I am going to go start cleaning (HA!) or maybe start practicing my accent!!!


  1. Good on ya! you were pretty productive for being so sluggish!

  2. Well, I have an Aussie accent, but I can't quilt for nuts!

    Not a bad time to be an Aussie - at least here in Melbourne - we've had some gorgeous blue-skied Spring days lately.

  3. You funny girl! You would be welcome here any day!!!!! Thank you for the mention!

  4. You call that sluggish?! That bag is really cute!! And so is the little quilt :-)
    Cleaning is such a never-ending task :-) LOL!

  5. Sluggish you're not! Glad you are working on your accent-great little bag.

  6. You wanna be a what???!!! With that accent?!!! NOOOO!!! OK that's just my NZ/Aussie rivalry coming out. I actually lived there a couple of years and I suppose if you have to be one it would be OK since I found them to be a great bunch of people:) Love your bag and how you did the ties.

  7. yep. I wanna be an Aussie too :)

  8. How to be an Aussie:

    Step 1: Listen to other Aussies to pick up their accent. I recommend "Take Home Chef" on TLC (good recipies and the chef is not hard on the eyes either!). You need to say "g-aaaa-lic".

  9. wow! you've been busy too! Don't you love that katie jump rope fabric? love it. your "HOPE" quilt turned out so nice. That some fast SLUG!
    If you get down to NYC, we need to do a fabric shopping trip...

  10. G'day cobber - I would love to adopt you! Love your drawstring bag - the tabs on the drawstring was a nice addition.

  11. I love that Australian Homespun magazine. To the US the subscription is $200!!! Wow. Thats a lot for 1 year. I'd love to get it too. The latest pink penguin tutorial is great. I love the bag.

  12. I'm glad your swap went ok - isn't Soo just the best, she sent me a couple of magazines too.Lovely little bag
    Lisa x

  13. I too miss the Aussie quilter mags. We used to get them pretty easily in South AFrica...but not here. I have thought about trying to get a subscription.surely it is possible.

  14. hope you enjoy the magazines!
    I love your patchwork drawstring bag and the little ends to the ties are too cute!